Weekly update July 19, 2020

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There’s so much going on I don’t even know where to start!!!

The last many blog posts I did were all about the Tony Robbins Challenge that Tricia and I took part in. That was a really cool experience and I think it had some positive effects. I posted videos for each day on my personal YouTube channel as well.

Speaking of YouTube, I have really been loving the creative process of recording editing and publishing the videos on both my channels. I even made a music video for my band Million Monkeys Theory on our channel too which aired last night and we had a little virtual watch party. You can check that video out here next. If you like the music please like, subscribe and share! During COVID we started releasing 9 years of recordings that we had never released and this was our first video. So it’s a little rough around the edges (literally) but I had a lot of fun editing it. You can find us on facebook too…

Also on my personal YouTube channel I did a video this week with my new GoPro. I have a suction cup mount and stuck it to the windshield of my motorcycle and did a tour of some of my favority curvy roads in Madison and Onondaga County, NY. Here’s that one!

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I also did this meditation for beginners video. Meditation is something that has been incredibly beneficial to me over the last few years. A lot of my friends have told me that they can’t meditate. Listen, if I can meditate, you can meditate. I’ve had ADHD my entire life… Sitting still isn’t exactly my strong point. But I can do it, and so can you!

So as far as my business is concerned, Borsellino Carpentry officially reopened last week. Unfortunately, I’m not very excited about it. I was really enjoying the break from work and being home. The whole reason I started this website and my personal YouTube channel back when coronavirus started was that I was ready for a change. I just don’t know what that change is yet. I’m hoping to somehow make the video stuff into a business. I have an idea to go to local businesses and offer them a very inexpensive package to make videos for them to use on social media. Now that I have the cameras and tripods and microphones and have beginner editing skills, I think I could give them some nice content that they can use to promote their business. A lot of people are weary of shopping right now, so I think this would give businesses a leg up compared to just a picture. After all, the algorithms love video because they keep people engaged on the platform longer…

I will probably do a post on my business website blog regarding being back open again over at BorsellinoCarpentry.com. I can’t take any new clients at this time because I already have a 2+ year long list. However my plan is to continue making how to videos so I can teach people how to do everything I do!!! I’ve been doing business videos on Mondays and a how to or tool review later in the week. Right now I have 60 videos on that channel! Here’s my latest tool review/comparison video.

(You can check these tape measures out at this amazon affiliate link. Affiliate purchases help support me to provide all this awesome free content at no extra cost to you!) https://amzn.to/2WBEFRz

Our Podcast is still so much fun! Our last 2 episode topics were “Support Groups For ADHD, Addiction among other things” and “The L Word ‘Love’ and the 5 Love Languages”. If you haven’t already heard about it, it’s called “Regular People Talking About Mental Health” and can be found on all the major podcast platforms as well as through our hosting site Podbean. I personally don’t like Podbean’s player app so I use Google Podcasts.You can learn more about it on our website NickAndTricia.com

Speaking of ADHD!!! I should mention that after 37 years of battling my ADHD, last week I finally told my doctor. I don’t think I ever talked to a doctor about it before. When I was a kid people always told me I had ADD and that I needed meds. I remember telling my parents this and they refused to get me tested and wouldn’t consider meds. They said I just needed to work harder. Well I tried working harder up until last week and I finally looked to the medical community to help with a problem that has plagued me my entire life and caused so many problems. Yesterday was day 1 on my new medication. I’m a little terrified and nervous and excited about it all at the same time. I don’t know what to expect, so far it has been no major changes but it has only been one day so who knows…

There’s probably a lot more I could write but I think I’ll wrap it up there for today. Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list below for updates! Stay cool!!! (heat wave reference lol)