Day 7 of the Tony Robbins Covid-19 Comeback Challenge Integration day

KK comes out and tells us it is Integration Day

Brian Bradley gives us our morning warm up exercise

KK – Today we bring the last six days together

Tony comes out mentions a PPP plan and podcasts he’s done over the last few months

He is a huge note taker. He doesn’t leave the sight of learning something without making a forward decision or action


Day 1 Emotional Fitness – Change your story change your life

Day 2 Happiness Is Your Habit

Day 3 Quality Of Life = Quality Of Relationships
The four Rs – Resistance, Resentment, Rejection, Repression

Day 4 Create Your Business/Career

Guest video: Sara Blakely

1 Ask specifically
2 Meet their needs first
3 Ask someone who can say yes
4 Ask until

Two things to grow your business
1 Who is your ideal client
2 Irresistible offer

Day 5 Create The Wealth You Deserve

Guests: Peter Mallouk, Ajay Gupta, Maria Menounos

Talks about investments
Automate 10% +
Find a Fiduciary

Day 6 Health Vitality And Energy

Guests: Master Steven Co, Sage Robbins, Anthony William, Siri Lindley

Master Co – Our hearts are one, Our souls are one, Our spirits are one, There is only oneness

Sympathetic nervous system – hyped up
Parasympathetic nervous system – stillness

Anthony William – Morning Routine: lemon water – celery juice

Siri Lindley – not tolerating limitation
Don’t treat your body like a rental car treat it like a luxury vehicle

Complexity is the enemy of execution

Abe Lincoln “I would have written you a shorter letter if I had the time”

Key 1 Get clear on what you really want and where you really are

Clarity is power
You have to have a hunger

Key 2 Crush, destroy, annihilate and replace any story of limitation

All suffering is not in the fact it is in the perception of the fact
What are your limiting beliefs?
Focus on what you DO have
When you say you can’t do something, you have to; in that moment say I MUST DO IT

He mentions a book “Learned Optimism” here is am amazon affiliate link to check it out

Learned helplessness – story that destroys everything is learned helplessness

1 Permanent – Whatever you feed grows. Only my soul is permanent – No problem is permanent

2 Pervasive – Example: because my relationship sucks that means my whole life sucks – One area of your life is bad and you think your whole life is bad – the way out of pervasive is by saying “THIS IS BULLSHIT”

3 Personal – “I am broken” “I can never love again” “I don’t have the money” – What it actually is, is YOU ARE GUTLESS

Key 3 Language
The words you pick change your biochemistry
Watch your “TV” (Transformational Vocabulary)

We use phrases like pissed off, angry, mad as hell
We have words that put us into patterns of emotion
Try using less angry words like peeved, annoyed, tinkled

The quality of your life is the quality of your emotional home
Stay centered

Make a list of words you use when you’re really angry and your body language
Come up with a phrase to break the pattern – Get playful instead of getting angry
Tony says “that’s fascinating” or “that’s interesting” instead of “I’m so angry”

Again he mentions “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M Bristol. That is where he learned about incantations… Amazon affiliate link

Key 4 Massive action is a cure all

How you feel doesn’t matter
Just do it
When you get close to hitting a goal you have to start setting the next one to keep growing and alive
Progress = happiness
Discipline weighs ounces / regret weighs tons

Key 5 Give more than you ever expect to receive and you’ll never have anything to worry about

Tony tells a story about when he was broke and he gave the last of his money away too a boy. He came home and was elated by doing a good deed but didn’t know how he was going to get his next meal now that he gave the last of his money away but he wasn’t worrying about it. He went through the Mail and there was a letter from someone who owed him money and a check for $1200. This taught him that when you give, God will give you back even more.

The secret to living is GIVING


Tony introduces Dean Graziosi who is going to teach us a tool

1 Where are you? All change starts with being honest

2 Where do you want to go? Write it down. Write down what you want the best year of your life to look like

3 Why do you want it? Get out of your head and into your heart

4 How are you going to get there? What is the bridge ?

Take next level actions and get next level results

It takes 7 No’s to get a Yes

Back to KK- She tells a story about her dad in the radical change that he had by going to UPW. She then gives out all the prizes including the grand prize trip to Fiji

Tony comes back up and thanks all the special guests and his staff in the volunteers and his wife


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