Day 2 of the Tony Robbins Comeback Challenge

Today was a little different than yesterday. First off, it was much shorter. Originally scheduled for 1 hour but it went close to 2 hours. Tony was supposed to have an off day to rest his vocal chords because he has a medical condition that the doctors said he shouldn’t even be able to talk, but he pushes through that! He truly is a force to be reckoned with!

Today started with KK again. She told us Tony was up til 6am watching as many of the challenge videos as he could. He is so pumped for all of us. Then she introduced Brian to do another warmup exercise. And back to KK who introduces tony, who as I said earlier was not supposed to even talk today.

Tony comes out and hes electric as always. He starts by saying he will only be on for 10 or 15 minutes, but I think he stretched it out close to an hour hahaha! Here’s some of what he said and the notes I took…

He watched a lot of our videos and noticed we are all so hard on ourselves. He wants us to be kind to ourselves and work on changing our “story”

-Everyone’s deepest fear is they are not enough (and I mean everyone)
-2nd biggest fear is not enough and want to be loved.

-Fight or flight or freeze. This comes from our 2 million year old brain. We used to have this reaction to protect ourselves from predators like saber tooth tigers. But now that we don’t have those kinds of predators, our fight or flight kicks in over mental stuff, like self doubt and not feeling good enough. (this really hit home for me!)

-Most people have a highway to stress and a dirt road to happiness.
-We need to flip that around to having a highway to happiness and a dirt road to stress!

*** Divorce your old story and marry the truth ***

-Be kinder to yourself

-When you are talking to yourself, repeating that old story you need to cut it off fast. When negative self talk creeps in do this example…
-“My old story is…” then cut yourself off and yell “ERASE!!!”
-Then say “My new story is ________________”

-Metaphor: You have to kill the monster while it is a baby before it becomes a big monster.

-He talked about a book he read called “The Magic Of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol. Click Here for an Amazon Affiliate Link. If you click the link and make a purchase on Amazon within 24 hours, you can help support me and this blog and all my free content!

-Then he goes back to yesterday when he talked about the Sovereign King/Queen. He asks us this question…
-“What does my Sovereign say?”
-He instructs us to stand up tall and bring our shoulders back to answer the question. You can’t be the sovereign if you are slouched in a chair or your shoulders are tucked in and your body is curled up. You have to stand straight and tall and ask it again.
-“What does my Sovereign (King/Queen) say?”

-Crisis creates a breakthrough.

-He talks about the difference between an affirmation and incantation. An affirmation is a nice positive little saying that you say to yourself. An incantation is when you are in the state of the Sovereign and you repeat that same saying with zest and vigor. Notice the difference? A simple phrase like “I am good enough”. If I just say it without any emphasis it doesn’t have any meaning. But if I stand tall and proud and exclaim it, all of a sudden it has real depth and meaning. And by practicing this over and over it becomes a new habit.

-You want a greater quality of life

Progress = Happiness
-Most things we get in life don’t keep us happy longterm.
-The goal grows or dies

Then he goes over this chart which happens to be the same symbol of the AA program which the three sides stand for recovery unity and service.

tony robbins comeback challenge day 2

He then says you have to take what you have and give it away. This is very similar to an AA saying, “You have to give it away to keep it.”

-You have to have the ability to find the good/joy/happiness in the midst of crap!
-Happiness and joy are HABITS

-Make an angry face and hold it for a moment.
-Now make a really super happy face. A face of ecstasy. Make a noise to go along with the ecstasy face!
-THAT is Physiology.
-You can turn on the stronger part of you.

Focus = Feeling
-If you focus on something it will feel true, whether that is good or bad.

Language/Words create feeling
-Tony refuses to say he is depressed because he wont succumb to the language. He will say he is feeling down or sad, but never depressed.

Tony leaves and we go back to KK. She finishes out the day.

P.D.M (Patterns, Decision, Mindset)

Patterns- You are not your pattern.
Exercise– open your hands then clasp them together with fingers interwoven. Repeat this a few times. Does one thumb always land on top? Switch so the other thumb is on top and try to do it with your hands this way. IT FEELS WEIRD! This is an easy physical example of a pattern.

Decision- *To cut off from any other option*
-The dance- In the middle of what you really want and what is comfortable.
-You have to make a decision!!!

80% of success is Mindset/Psychology
20% is Mechanics/The HOW

-A belief is a feeling of absolute certainty that you or I have about something.

-Limiting beliefs: dreamkillers, I can’t, I won’t, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have a real degree, too old, too young, yadda yadda.
-This list of limiting beliefs are also called B.S.
B.S. does not stand for BullShit. It stands for Belief Systems.

-Give a nasty name to your B.S.
I named mine “F*#%FACE”

-Clarity is POWER!

The 2 mm shift
-All this takes is a 2mm adjustment in your brain

-Readers are leaders

Assignment for day 2
1.What are TWO decisions you’ve been putting off? (One big, one small)
2.What will it cost if you don’t follow through?
3.What’s ONE action you can take immediately toward these decisions?

Homework is to go into the Facebook group and go LIVE and give a rant answering the three questions above and use the hashtag #Challenge2

I’m going to do a YouTube video recap of the events so far. When I do I will put a link directly below here…

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