Day 1 of the Tony Robbins Comeback Challenge

tony robbins comeback challenge day 1

Tricia and I are on a journey of self discovery and improvement. It’s one of the big things that we have in common. We are always looking for ways to improve. Like many other people we can easily see our faults and not our strengths. A few weeks ago I posted on facebook asking if anyone had worked with a life coach. I got a bunch of responses but someone recommended I check out Tony Robbins. It’s a name I had heard before but I didn’t know what he did.

So I did what anyone would do… headed to Google and YouTube. We watched a few of his videos and it was really cool to see his passion and energy for helping people become their best selves. Of course now Google knows I’m interested in Tony so I started seeing more stuff about him on my feeds. A few days ago I saw he was doing a 7 day Comeback Challenge for FREE! I signed up on his webstite . The event is streamed live on Facebook every day starting on June 23, 2020 at 2pm eastern, 11am pacific.

For me, this is absolutely perfect timing. The whole premise of me starting this website and my new YouTube channel was to try to find a new passion in my life. After spending 19 years in construction, my body and mind were tired of the backbreaking work. It didn’t bring me fulfillment anymore. I’m on a quest to figure out my higher purpose in this life. I know I like helping people and I want that to be a large focus of whatever I do going forward.

So today’s blog is me sharing my takeaways and notes from Day 1 of the Comeback Challenge. Again, it’s free to sign up so if this interests you please join us! HERE WE GO!!!

It starts off with a team member K.K. who comes on and preps everyone for the day and introduces Brian Bradley. Brian works with Tony every day and they have been best friends for over 25 years. Brian gets everyone to stand up and centered and does some quick exercises to get the blood flowing. We are already off to an interesting start. Then we go back to K.K and she gets us prepped and excited for Tony to come out. She gives us a few pointers about how to be all in for the week to get the best out of it. Then Tony comes out and he is electric!!! Here’s some of my notes and takeaways from the 3 hour event! (It was only scheduled to be 2 hours but Tony was excited and on a roll!!!)

The two main topics of today: Philosophy and Strategy

-The past does not equal the future

-Don’t be so hard on yourself

-Tony’s first mentor was Jim Rohn (note to look him up)

-Success leaves clues

-People’s biggest problem is they think they don’t have one

STRESS – When you go through extreme times off stress…
1. When you push through extreme stress you will get stronger
2. You learn who your real friends are
3. You develop internal immunity

Ask yourself: What is the greatest thing that could ever happen in your life?
My answer: To feel good enough and just be okay with myself as I am.
What is your answer?

What is a breakthrough?
– A moment in time when everything changes
– When the impossible becomes possible
– When you act on it

What causes a breakthrough? What triggers it? What makes it possible?

Writing exercise
What can trigger a breakthrough [1 personal and 1 business]
A. What was your breakthrough?
B. What triggered the change?
C. What made the change possible

-We are the creators of our life not just the managers of our circumstances.

-Be an optimist not a pessimist.

-Pragmatist: 1. a person who is guided more by practical considerations than by ideals. 2. an advocate of the approach that evaluates theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application.

-Breakthroughs come from a breakdown.

-Turn your mess into your message.

3 Keys to breakthrough
1. State: State of mind and emotion. The state you are in.
2. Story: What is the story you’ve been telling about yourself?
3. Strategy: Build a new strategy to change.

Exercise Try this at home
Take 30 seconds and look around you for everything brown.
Ok don’t think just do this as fact as you read it 🙂
Now close your eyes and name everything red and green.
When you reopen your eyes look for red and green.
How many beige things did you call brown just to make the list longer?
This proves that the mind will focus on what you pay attention to and not notice the other things. This can be applied to anything in life.

-Change your story & Change your life

-Beliefs create & Beliefs destroy.

-Reticular Activating System (RAS). Something to do with your brain and stuff…. Google it…

Written Exercise
1. Take a piece of paper and make a line down the middle. On the left top write “empowering emotions” and on the right top write “dis-empowering emotions”. Take a few minutes and make a list of the emotions that you feel in a normal week in both in columns. Count how many you have all together. Most people only have a total of about a dozen emotions. These are habitual emotional homes.

2. Circle your top two emotions on each side (empowering vs dis-empowering). Mine were (feeling helpful, calm) and (not feeling good enough, stressed)

3. Now pick a new top emotional virtue you want to strive for! The first thing that came to my mind was LOVE! Immediately followed by Faith, Hype, Gratitude, Determination and Courage! These are the new emotional virtues I want to strive for!

-Peak state = peak performance

Then we did a verbal exercise where we talk to our inner Warrior, Magician, Lover and Sovereign King/Queen. This was very interesting and I found myself giggling during it but it was fun, especially with Tony cheering you on. I can’t really explain this one in words.

We got an assignment to go online and say what our old story was. Then we tell our new story. New emotions. Speaking from our inner King/Queen.

Throughout the event many times today Tony had us stand up and shake our arms and legs. He had us yelling as loud as we could. He tried to pull some energy out of us that was deep inside. It was really invigorating and empowering. I could tell Tricia and I were both holding back. I mean, it is a little awkward to make a warrior noise and beat your chest, but we tried! Afterwards her son commented that we were yelling a lot. LOL.

He wrapped it up, leaving us feeling a strange high that I can’t explain. You have to experience it to understand. It’s really amazing. While it can feel a bit silly and ridiculous at times, at the same time it feels wonderful.

At the end he gave the stage back to K.K. who gave away some prizes and announced some upcoming giveaways they would be doing just for participating, which really amped a lot of people up. The top prize is a 5 day stay at Tony’s Namale resort in Fiji!

To end it off they left us with this quote,

“Never leave the scene of a decision without scheduling in a commitment that guarantees fulfillment.” -Tony Robbins

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