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I currently have two YouTube channels; one for Borsellino Carpentry and one for my Personal brand…

Personal YouTube Channel

I started the “Nick Borsellino” YouTube channel to document my journey as I find my new career/life path, which is what this website is also dedicated to. It is still relatively new, and I’m trying to figure out the direction I’m going to go. I have so many interests outside of my current business and I thought a YouTube channel would be a great place to showcase all of it. So far it is geared towards the personal development or self-help category with a twist. But more than my own development, I want to help people. My goal is that by creating these videos, it helps other people in some way.

Some of the video topics I’ve done so far are sunrise/sunset time-lapse, meditation, technology, mental health, motorcycle time-lapse and more. It really is just a place where I’m trying to improve my life and sharing with others what I’m doing along the way with the hope that it might inspire or help others. Like this website and most things in my life, it is unfolding naturally and revealing the direction of itself.

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