This is a comprehensive list of most of the tech gear I use to create my content. Camera gear, recording equipment, a plethora of accessories and my custom built video editing PC. This list will be updated as my gear changes so join the email list at the bottom of the page to stay up to date! I’ve done videos on some of this stuff on my YouTube channel in the “Tech Playlist“.

As you’ll notice, I have a lot invested. This is a serious passion of mine and I love creating in this medium. By clicking a link below and making a purchase on one of these websites you can help support this channel AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! It usually doesn’t even have to be one of the items I am recommending (based on cookies) ????

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I get commissions for purchases made through links to Amazon, Adorama and TubeBuddy in this post.

TubeBuddy is a free plugin for YouTube creators. It helps with keyword research, tags, topic ideas and tons of other great stuff. If you’re a YouTuber check them out Click Here.

Adorama – I have purchased a bunch of my gear from Adorama. They have competitive prices, fast shipping and great customer service. They sell all sorts of technology and electronic equipment. Photography, Computers, Video, Audio, Home Electronics, Musical Instruments, Drones and MORE! Here’s my Affiliate Link direct to their online store.

B&H – B&H is very similar to Adorama. They have a lot of the same type of equipment but some of the gear is only found on either B&H of Adorama. I am NOT an affiliate with B&H but I do buy a lot of gear from them too so I wanted to give them a shout-out. If you want to check them out Click Here.

Some items are available at both Amazon and Adorama so I gave links to both sites so you can compare prices and options. I personally prefer to support Adorama whenever I can. Sometimes you can get lucky and buy a “used” product that has been returned like my camera bag I got for $50 instead of $90! Also check B&H and Ebay! I’ve managed to score a bunch of my equipment used. Even my Canon M50 I bought refurbished direct from Canon. Shop Around!!! And seriously, please Contact Me if you have any questions!

Camera & Accessories
-Canon M50 – Adorama / Amazon
-Canon 22mm f/2 Pancake Lens – Adorama / Amazon
-Canon 11-22mm Wide Angle Lens – Adorama / Amazon
-Tiffen 49mm Circular Polarizer for my Canon M50 kit lens – Adorama / Amazon
-Canon Lens Hood EW-53 for EF-M 15-45 lens – Adorama / Amazon
-K&F Concept 49mm Variable ND 2-400 Filter – Adorama / Amazon
-Think Tank 10 Sling Camera Bag – Adorama / Amazon
-Sametop Tripod Adapter (Mount a camera to any GoPro mount/extension pole, etc) – Amazon
-Power Supply with Dummy Battery for Canon M50 – Amazon
-Dual Charger and 2 Pack of Batteries for Canon M50 – Amazon

GoPro & Accessories
(I bought my GoPro off Ebay as a set with a whole bunch of these accessories included)
*My Video: GoPro Media Mod Review & Mic Tests
-GoPro Hero8 Black – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro Hero8 Media Mod – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro Light Mod – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro Casey Case – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro Dual Battery Charger – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro Battery for Hero8 – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro El Grande Extension Pole – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole & Tripod – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro Head Strap – Adorama / Amazon
-GoPro Chest Mount – Adorama / Amazon
-Sametop Quick Release Tripod Mount for GoPro (Mount GoPro to normal camera tripod) – Amazon
-Dedyard Screen Protector for GoPro Hero8 – Amazon
-Dedyard 60M Waterproof Case for GoPro Hero8 – Amazon
-GOMA Suction Cup Mount for GoPro – Amazon
-QKOO 8 Pack Replacement GoPro Mounts and Screws – Amazon

Microphones, Headphones & Accessories
*My Video: Wireless Lav VS Shotgun Mic
*My Video: Saramonic Blink 500 Review
-Saramonic Wireless Lavalier Mic System – Adorama / Amazon
-MOVO Mini Shotgun Mic –Adorama / Amazon
-Rode Podmic (Studio Mic) –Adorama / Amazon
-PodMic Windscreen Cover (SUNMON) – Amazon
-Scarlett 8i6 Audio Interface – Adorama / Amazon
-Samson 28″ Microphone Boom Arm –Adorama / Amazon
-Behringer High Performance Studio Headphones –Adorama / Amazon
-Samson Studio Reference Headphones –Adorama / Amazon
-ProX Premium 10′ Balanced Microphone XLR Cable – Adorama

Other Tech Gear
-Neewer Backdrop and Lighting Kit – Amazon
-Neewer Mini Tripod – Amazon
-ULANZI Camera Light – Adorama / Amazon
-SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SD Card – Adorama / Amazon
-SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB Mini-SD Card Amazon
-SanDisk Extreme 1TB External SSD – Adorama / Amazon
-Anker 2-in-1 USB SD & Micro SD Card Reader – Amazon

My Custom Built Video Editing Desktop Computer!
*My Video: Unboxing, Specs and Prices
*My Video: Building the Computer!
-PC Case – Fractal Meshify C Mid – Amazon
-CPU – AMD Ryzen 9 3900X – Adorama / Amazon
-Mouse – Logitch MX Master 3 – Adorama / Amazon
-Motherboard – ASRock B450M Pro4 – Amazon
-PSU – Thermaltake Toughpower 750W – Adorama / Amazon
-Storage – Crucial 2TB Internal SSD – Adorama / Amazon
-Storage – Western Digital 8TB External Hard Drive – Adorama / Amazon
-Graphics Card – Geforce RTX 2060 – Adorama / Amazon / B&H
-Bluetooth – TP Link USB Adapter – Amazon
-RAM – G.Skill Ripjaw 32GB – Amazon
-Mousepad – MROCO – Amazon
-Monitors – Dell P2419H IPS – Adorama / Amazon
-Keyboard – Dell wired – Adorama / Amazon
-Upgraded Keyboard! – Logitech MX Master Keys – Adorama / Amazon
-Monitor Speakers – Presonus Eris E3.5 – Adorama / Amazon

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